The skin is the largest organ of the human body and deserves the best care. The skin, both facial and body, is constantly exposed to external aggressions. The skin suffers from the sun’s rays, sudden changes in climate and environmental pollution, among other factors. The best way to combat these problems is to use QUALITY SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. The key is to know the characteristics of these products and how they can benefit us.

Body skin

The body skin is cared for with mild soaps made with glycerin, moisturizing cream or natural substances such as avocado, bamboo, almonds, honey, aloe vera, among others. One of the best QUALITY SKIN CARE PRODUCTS for the body is sunscreen. This product protects the skin from the aggression of the sun’s rays, preventing premature aging.

Facial skin

Facial skin basically needs three products to stay healthy over time. Those three products are cleansing cream, moisturizing cream and facial toner.

-CLEANSING CREAM: a good quality cleansing cream should be light, gentle and quickly absorbed. Its function is to remove accumulated dirt from the facial skin. Ideally, this product should be of natural origin so that it does not contain any preservatives or chemical substances that may intoxicate the facial skin in the long term.

-MOISTURIZING CREAM: a good moisturizer should have sunscreen, antioxidants and firming ingredients. Its function is to restore the facial skin’s natural moisture lost due to external factors. The best creams of this type are made with aloe vera, calendula, jojoba or any other natural substance.

-FACIAL TONER: this product has the function of refreshing the facial skin and toning the natural features of the face. A good toner should be highly moisturizing, soft and smoothing. This product is applied after facial cleansing and prepares the skin to face external factors such as wind, cold and sun rays.