Nowadays, it’s very common for people to bring their laptops and other devices to and from work. While it’s always possible to carry your computer in any old container, it’s best to account for style and comfort whenever possible.

Here are 6 bags you can carry your work things in that will give a tremendous boost to your professional life.

1.Hanover Deluxe 2

For those interested in potentially venturing into rugged terrain, while maintaining a sense of style, the Hanover Deluxe 2 can’t be beaten. It comes with a sleek onyx exterior and several useful features, such as a suitcase handle sleeve and an organizational interest. Its biggest draw though is the attached laptop section.

2.Hanover 2

Similar to the Deluxe, the Hanover 2 is a much more streamlined model. If you’re not partial to products that have a lot of bells and whistles but are still interested in something serviceable, the Hanover 2 is a good option. It has several organizational sections, a handle sleeve, and has a special section for carrying laptops.

3.The Westholme

If you’re interested in a little old-school flair, this black sheepskin backpack is an excellent choice. It’s easily attached to luggage and matches pretty many any aesthetic.

4.Catalina Deluxe

An inconspicuous model, the Catalina Deluxe helps you blend into any business environment. It has a canvas exterior, comes with a messenger strap, and can be held at your side with little effort.

5.The Hakuba

As sleek as it gets, the Hakuba is an incredible choice for those who have to carry a lot of things to and from work. It’s designed to contain a wide range of items and is highly compartmentalized, making easy access storage a breeze,

6.The Beacon

The Beacon is where style, flair, and organization meet. It’s a fairly standout carrier option that helps you keep track of all your work items while maintaining a degree of presence.