Sports Legging & Bra products are inevitable for all women nowadays to cope with various activities. Yes, they can shop in the store, namely carbon38 to purchase their desired product.

Here is the list of sports legging and bra

1. Ribbed Football Bra

This ribbed bra is soft and flexible, with modest support and a variety of features. The scoop neck sports bra provides excellent resistance in a variety of activities, particularly sports.

2. Action Bra 2.0 in Cloud Compression

Racerback is one of the unique features of this garment. The cloud compression fabric used in this multifunctional bra is exceptionally comfortable to the touch and feel. The detachable cups improve women’s comfort and are useful during athletic activities. This item is ideal for women who seek a higher level of comfort and refinement.

3. Metallic Snake Contour Cross-back Bra

Customers like you will appreciate the unique characteristics of this metallic cross-back bra from the Carbon 38 brand. On every occasion, the cross-back strap, mesh lining covering, and elegant foil overlay will make you feel wealthy and comfortable.

4. Action Bra 2.0 in Takara Shine

This action bra has a lot of nice features and provides fantastic support. The product’s cushioned cups, deep neckline, and borders provide superb support for the wearer. It is available in a variety of sizes and price ranges at the store.

5. Spacedye Studio Cropped Tank

This bra provides excellent support and allows the wearer to extend beyond their limits. Many female clients are drawn to the store by the bra’s space dye fabric and feel-comfortable element.

6. Nicolette Top

This product’s suggested sizes let you feel at ease and prepared for any endeavor. The exquisite lace-up, durability, and quality of this product boost its prominence.

7. Regular Rise 7/8 Legging in Takara Shine

This legging product is available to customers in a shorter size. The product adds style, improves the look with a wide waistband. It supports the performance of the individual during sports activity.

8. Marvel Legging

This legging gives you high rise and metallic shine features which you will like to the core. The mesh-lined waistband is an attractive feature.

9. Spacedye Caught in the Midi High Waisted Legging

The buttery-soft fabric feature of the legging gives you a great look with extra comfort. It enhances your activities to the core.

10. Ribbed Veronica Legging

Yet an exclusive and attractive legging for all-sized women. The durable and quality material make of the product enhance the functionality to a great extent.