If you’re prone to take regular business trips out of the country, you’ll probably want to invest in a quality bag that can stand the constant use back and forth. Here, we’ve found 8 perfect bags that are practically essential for your next business trip or short distance trip away from home.

1. The Catalina Deluxe Tote

A lightweight bag that is great for just about anything you need or for any place you plan ongoing. Whether you plan to hit the beach or take the next flight out and need a spare set of clothes, this is just about perfect.

2. The Catalina Deluxe

The bigger older brother to its smaller tote alternative. This one is great as a middleman for most carry-on luggage or small suitcase options. It does everything the tote bag can do and then some.

3. The Catalina Day Tote

The smallest of the three, the Catalina Day Tote has four color options and is perfect for that super short-distance trip to the next city over. You aren’t packing clothes in this, but you can throw in a few vital knickknacks for the day.

4. The Westholme

An all-black exterior bag that is available in either medium or large sizes, the Westholme is made from sheepskin leather and can fit everything you need for your next business trip.


The Hanover 2 works similar to the Westholme except it has a stockier and more rugged feel to it. If you plan on wearing something with a lot of life to it, the Hanover 2 is the bag for you.

6. The Hanover Deluxe 2

Taking all the benefits of the Hanover 2 and adding a few more, the Hanover Deluxe 2 gives you a secure interior zipper pocket for your essentials as well as a suitcase handle sleeve to help lug it around.

7. The Edgemont

The Edgemont is the perfect combination of a backpack and a tote bag. Whether you’re heading to the office on a business trip or going to the nearest beach for the summer, this is THE bag you’ll want.

8. The Hakuba

Finally, the Hakuba is a neat bag that is great for carting and holding all of your immediate essentials. This bag looks great, carries great, and can last a surprisingly long time.